Strolling around Jaffa with a Yares Brother by Gidi Meir Morris


I love working with musicians.

Musicians understand, better than many, that good music isn’t enough.

They need a good visual image to accompany their work. People relate amazingly well to music, but if that music comes along accompanied by some kind of visual stimulation, then they can connect with it ten fold, which is one of the main reasons that Music Videos are such a popular tool for promoting musicians.

Still photographers, such as my self, provide musicians with the visual stimulant they want accompanying their work on physical products and printed publications.

That means we cover their bases when it comes to magazine articles, circulated public relations and perhaps most important these days - on the internet’s music stores such as iTunes, where a good image can make the difference between a potential fan’s choice to purchase the musician’s song or move on to the next artist on the list.


One such musician is Ami Yares, a musician living and working out of Jaffa, with whom I had the recent opportunity to work.

When Ami and I first sat down and discussed the kind of image he wanted his work to portray it became clear quite quickly that what would suit him best would be some location work around Jaffa, his home.

Ami is now touring the US of A with his brother as The Brothers Yares, you should check them out here.