'Rare Art' Exhibit and an apology / by Gidi Meir Morris

I Think I owe you guys an apology.

When I relaunched my site last year I made a promise to keep this blog alive and kicking. So far it has been dead and decrepit, and thats my fault.

Over the past year I have been struggling to get my feet off the ground again. Having migrated from Sunny Tel Aviv, to Cloudy London, I have had a hard time finding my footing and getting my career running again. Photography is very much a reputation driven business which means moving countries can be very difficult, as your reputation essentially gets reset. This is even harder in a town like London which is both overrun by photographers (and artists of all sorts) and as expensive as a "world town" can be, where your savings get drained very quickly.
But these are no more than excuses.

Even though I've been able to get some nice projects off the ground during 2014 - Kalopsia, starting the Wayfarer series and getting some exposure through Wacom and Digital Arts magazine. I still feel it was mostly a year of stagnation.
And here we are in 2015, already a quarter of the way through, and very little has changed.
Its time for that hiatus to end, and to get things back on track, I am now pushing forward new projects and a reinvigoration of commercial portrait work.

Over the coming months I'll be completely refreshing my commercial portrait portfolio, already have several names lined up which we'll begin shooting in the coming weeks and this is only the beginning. Things are moving again, the break is over.

Rare Art by Exhibit Here

But commercial, as you know, if only one aspect of what I do. Fine Art, my longest running passion, plays a major role in who and what I am, and so reinvigorating my career can't be limited to commercial work.
Exhibit Here, founded by Leila Bibizadeh is an endeavour through which she curates Pop-Up Exhibitions across London. Her next exhibition will take place in the Menier Gallery in Southwark, on the 14th until the 18th of April titled 'Rare Art', and I'm glad to announce that no less than four of my large scale limited edition prints will be exhibited there.

The location of the Menier Gallery and the Rare Art exhibit


The exhibit of these four prints, which will include the first three mixed media pieces of the Wayfarer series- Only the WindsOnly the Breeze and Only the Chill and my photographic portrait of my Grandmother I've lost my Buspass, is very exciting to me, as its my first proper exhibit in London and its a good feeling knowing you're exhibiting work around the corner from the Tate Modern.

I'd like to give a shout out to (Makeup & Hair) artist Bella Noell, stylist Stephanie Tumba of Celest Lifestyle and the models Mélie Lemiére,  Constanza Zambrano and Lix Hewett, without whom those three images couldn't have been created. Not to mention Wacom and Digital Arts magazine for sending me a Wacom Cintiq of my own to create them on.

And of course my grandmother, whose portrait is beyond a doubt my favourite.

You're all invited to see the exhibit and though I'm not sure exactly when I'll be there, you're more than welcome to let me know when you plan to be there and I'll try and meet up with any of you for a chat and a glass of wine.

See you all soon.