Kalopsia / by Gidi Meir Morris

As I've mentioned in the past, my real passion has always been art. Much more than commercial work, it in art that I find most of what I'm looking for in my work.

To explore where I can get my art to meet my photography, especially my portrait photography, I have started collaborating with two talented creators - Stephanie Celeste Lifestye, who is a talented stylist and Bella Noell who is an amazing Makeup artist and hair stylist.

Together we are creating a series of portraits of women, trying to touch upon a feeling of anxiety, inner struggle and beauty.

The series, titled Kalopsia, is my attempt to bring my portraiture and art together.
Here is a small promo video we shot during the first shoot for the series.

I will be posting the first three portraits shot on that very day over the next few days on my Facebook page, and later here on the site.